American Powerlifting Association comes to ITG

This last weekend we hosted the American Powerlifting Association competition here at ITG. This was our second time hosting, I am still a little unsure of how we got so lucky with this little side venture of powerlifting. I have always been into it but have attended  a meet before. We were a little nervous the first time around, but this time we were a little more confident, a little more excited, and ready to cheer on all the amazing competitors. They put in months of work all for one day to show what they are made of, very inspiring.


I think the part we like about it the most is the majority of the people had never even met eachother,  have traveled from all over the country and are just the coolest, chillest group of people. Everyone is cheering everyone on and just as excited about their attempts as they are their own attempts. We agreed to host another one on September 23, 2017.  Cant wait! Another cool thing there was an 11 year old competitor and a 14 year old competitor who inspired one of our own kids to try out some powerlifting at the September meet. Thats what we love about a gym family! People coming together and supporting eachother!

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