Iron Titans Gym is an exclusive personal training facility in St George Utah.

At Iron Titans Gym we offer Private and Semi-private Personal Fitness Training and Coaching, with experienced and qualified trainers/coaches.

Iron Titans Gym offers a variety of programs that will be tailored to each individuals fitness level and goals.



Iron Titans Gym is unique because we don’t try to be everything to everyone.  We do one thing, and we do one thing VERY well.

We focus on you.

At Iron Titans, you will get a personally tailored, monitored, and constantly changing fitness plan that will not only help you achieve your goals faster and easier, that plan will change as your needs and your body changes and improves.

Whether you’re a professional training for a fitness competition or just want to build some more muscular strength, move better, feel better… and of course, look better, ONLY a personally customized program is going to get you the results you want.

You’re not a cookie-cutter individual.  Why settle for a cookie-cutter fitness plan?

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I decided to start training with Denim two months before competing at the Miss Utah America pageant with 53 other contestants.  I put my full trust in Denim’s many years of experience and decided I wanted to try to win the lifestyle in fitness preliminary award.  Sure enough, the hard work payed off, and I was able to walk away with the award!  Without Denim’s help, I would not have been able to see the same results in just under two months.  Denim is very knowledgeable, patient, kind, and knows how to customize each workout based on the results you would like to achieve.  His prices are adorable, and his gym is kept very clean.  I would definitely recommend working with him to achieve your goals!”  –Jessica Orvin


We just love Iron Titans Gym.  I was terribly out of shape when I started going.  I didn’t want to feel like I was surrounded by young muscle-bound guys, but I knew I needed specific help to get in better shape.  I was very surprised at the wide variety of ages, fitness levels, and physical issues of the people that were working out together at Iron Titans Gym.  It wasn’t intimidating at all.  I felt totally comfortable, and I really enjoyed the special attention Denim gave us while we were there.  I wasn’t embarrased at all.  It was awesome, and I’m so happy to have found a place I can go work out and get healthier and feel like I completely fit in.”  –J. Brannon, St. George, UT



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